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Cloth vs. Disposable?

Posted by Amanda Keen on

Let's talk about masks. We all wear them and see them, as part of our daily lives. We’re also seeing though, the environmental damage already that is caused by the medical waste of this two year old pandemic.
It is estimated that 129 billion single use face masks made of polypropolene are used monthly world wide.
Where does that waste go?!
Well, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, 75% of used masks end up in landfills or floating in our seas. A study in Environmental Advances found that one single use face mask can release as many as 173,000 microfibres into the sea. They take 450 years to decompose.
450 YEARS.
That’s above and beyond the other plastics that were already a problem before masks took over. Plastics such as bags, cups and straws. Other single use plastic items. We banned single use plastic bags, didn’t we? Because of the irreparable environmental damage they were causing.
Our ocean life is becoming fatally entangled in disposable masks. Haven't we already been suitably horrified at images of sea creatures caught up in plastic can holders, and eating plastic bags? Why are we adding to this again in a different way?
Reusable face masks are better for the environment, don’t litter the streets, footpaths and carparks and they won’t end up in the sea.
Reusable, Cotton Face Masks are a great alternative to disposable face masks for those of you who are environmentally concerned, as cotton is a fully biodegradable fabric and takes just under half a year to decompose.
Well that knocks a fair few years off the disposable variety now doesn’t it...
They are also more comfortable (and smell better!), offer protection to the wearer and those nearby, take care of your skin better and save you money in the long run. Obviously, they also look way better too.
In the long run, reusable masks will not only save you a fortune, the environmental savings that you can - and should - be a part of are astronomical.
Yes, I am a maker of masks ( among other things). But I am also a mother and step mother. I make decisions based on the future world my children will be walking in and I sincerely hope it will not be one littered with discarded, single use surgical masks.
Amanda x