My First Doll House Reno

My First Doll House Reno

I have just completed my first ever doll house renovation - and I loved it so much!

My daughter Lily has inherited this well loved doll house from my sister Helen and being over 30 years old, has needed a few touch ups before it begins it's new chapter.









Old paint, old wallpaper, dust filled carpet and artificial grass all had to go and I thoroughly enjoyed ripping it all out! There was roof damage too which led to it all being completely replaced with new panels.

Once I had removed all the old stuff, I gave it all a light sand and two coats of white paint. I used some white paint we already had in the garage. I loved how fresh it looked at this point!

I was kindly gifted some wallpaper samples and absolutely had to choose these gorgeous sparkly ones for Lily's new fairy house. 

This gorgeous new flooring has been laid with individual popsicle sticks and what a labour of love this was! If you enjoy fiddly, challenging, time-consuming tasks then by all means, do it yourself. If you're the quick fix kind, by some vinyl. haha.

I also chose to replace all of the boards on the staircase to match the floor and it then became one of my favourite features out of the whole house.


With a new roof (cut from an old picture frame back) and some fresh new grass, this cute little fairy house was ready for some furnishings. The bulk of the furniture was from Kmart and I either painted it or recovered it. I created some logs for the fire by chopping up a small piece of dowel and staining the outside. 

The bed in the master got some added copper lights for ambience. The bedspread was an old hot water bottle cover.

The final touches to my wee ones fairy house were new pink shutters and pale grey sills. I then couldn't help myself but paint some climbing roses on the front to end this project on a bang.

I enjoyed this project that much that I already have number 2 and number 3 ready to begin - stay tuned! 

Amanda x

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